Webpage Under Maintenance

Hi! You've reached the webpage of a historical project hosted by the UC Berkeley Automation Lab (AutoLAB).

UC Berkeley's AUTOLAB, directed by Professor Ken Goldberg, is a leading center for research in robotics and automation sciences. The lab supports approximately 30 postdocs, PhD students, and undergrads pursuing projects in Robust Robot Grasping and Manipulation for Warehouses, Homes, and Robot-Assisted Surgery. We focus on methods at the intersection of analytic theory (eg, geometric and statistical models, motion planning) and deep learning.

What happened?

In October 2021, our main lab webserver broke. The server had been in operation since at least 2003, and held historical projects from the lab going back much longer. If you're seeing this page close to that date, we're probably working on getting everything back online again! If it's been a while, we might have forgotten about something. Let us know where you're seeing this page with the contact info below.

Note that our lab recently changed sysadmins, so this process may take a while. If you need to see these pages, we recommend searching archive.org for now until we can get a live or archived copy viewable here. If you have more questions, email goldberg@ and CC nikhiljha@.