Project Team

Ken Goldberg Concept/Direction
Rory Solomon Java Design/Coding
Billy Chen Java Design/Coding
Gordon Smith Control Design
Jacob Heitler Java Design
Steve Bui Camera
Bob Farzin Hardware Design
Derek Poon Robot Interface
Gil Gershoni Graphic Design
David Garvey Illustration
Paulina Wallenberg Olsson Flash Animator
Barney Bailey Tent Design/Fabrication

Ouija 2000 was commissioned by the UC Berkeley Art Museum. Special thanks to Heidi Zuckerman-Jacobson of the BAM and to the Catharine Clark Gallery. Thanks also to Michael Idinopulous, Joan Sulamain, Sujit Chakravarthy, and Tiffany Shlain for their inputs and to David Knupp and Mark Sottilaro for Flash consulting.

Curator's Statement

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