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Cryptique - A Spirit Board From Salem, Massachusetts
Here you can buy a board as well as play with an online interactive spirit.

Haunted History of Spirit Boards
An event that will feature a collection of Ouija boards as well as an appearance from the Fuld family, descendants from the original creators of the Ouija board.

The Museum of Talking Boards
History of the Ouija board with Illustrations.

Multi-User Shockwave Ouija Board
Shockwave-based digital multi-user Ouija Board by Bill Meyer (NYU-ITP)

Shovemedia Ouija Board
Motorized online Ouija Board by Jon Williams.

The Magic 8-Ball
Motorized online Magic 8-Ball by Jim Studt.

Paddle-Based Collaborative Control System by Rachel and Loren Carpenter.

The streaming video program we use

Berkeley Art Museum MATRIX
MATRIX Contemporary Art Series (Ouija 2000 is MATRIX 186)

The Robot in the Garden
A book on Internet Cameras and Robots

Link to audio file
NPR Interview on Ouija 2000

Ouija Links
A large list of Ouija-related links

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